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[32] In an interview with the Public Broadcasting Service, in August 2004, James Baker, former personal envoy of the United Nations Secretary to Western Sahara, identified Morocco and Algeria as being both the "two chief protagonists" of the conflict. It acts as a separation barrier between the Moroccan-controlled areas and the Polisario-controlled section of the territory (the SADR). On est toujours, dans les années 1970-1980, en pleine guerre froide. According to maps from MINURSO[81] or the UNHCR,[82] part of the wall extends several kilometers into internationally recognized Mauritanian territory. In 1971, a group of young Sahrawi students in the universities of Morocco began organizing what came to be known as The Embryonic Movement for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Rio de Oro. With most refugees still living in the camps, the refugee situation is among the most protracted worldwide. In 1884, Spain claimed a protectorate over the coast from Cape Bojador to Cap Blanc. De l’autre, les 20% contrôlés par le Polisario. Continuing disputes between the two factions once more brought the process to a halt. The conflict erupted after the withdrawal of Spain from the Spanish Sahara in accordance with the Madrid Accords, by which it agreed to give administrative control of the territory to Morocco and Mauritania. [citation needed]. Pour la retrouver, il faut en revenir à l’histoire coloniale. By 1999 the UN had identified about 85,000 voters, with nearly half of them in the Moroccan-controlled parts of Western Sahara or Southern Morocco, and the others scattered between the Tindouf refugee camps, Mauritania and other locations throughout the world. The talks between the Moroccan government and the Polisario Front were considered the first direct negotiations in seven years between the two parties, and hailed as a landmark in the peace process. Il est prévu pour 1992. [86][87][88][89] A report by French non-profit Reporters Without Borders (RSF) which tracks the suppression of journalism around the world reported on a systematic targeting of journalists within Western Sahara and argued that the blocking of foreign media access to the region has made it difficult to receive accurate and consistent reporting from inside the disputed territory. Édition du dessous des cartes par Arté sur le conflit au Sahara - Juin 2018. The Western Sahara conflict is an ongoing conflict between the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco. Au Timor comme au Sahara Occidental, l'indépendance est irréversible . [60] Also in mid-April, United States Ambassador to Morocco Samuel L. Kaplan declared during a conference in Casablanca that the Moroccan autonomy plan "can't be the only basis in these negotiations", referring to the UN sponsored talks between the Polisario Front and Morocco. Le directeur général de l’Institut national d’études de stratégie globale (INESG), Abdelaziz Medjahed, a fait savoir, ce lundi 16 novembre, que la France était dernière le Maroc dans l’affaire du conflit du Sahara Occidental. The rebellious territory was finally subdued in 1934, after joint Spanish and French forces destroyed Smara for a second time. Marruecos viola el alto el fuego y el Ejército Popular de Liberación Saharaui responde a esta nueva violación, SPS 13.11.20. Elle s’installe aussi au sud, là où le Sahara rejoint l’Atlantique, dans une très longue bande de terre. Beginning in 1975, the Polisario Front, backed and supported by Algeria, waged a 16-year-long war for independence against Mauritania and Morocco. 173", "Morocco severs ties with Iran, accusing it of backing Polisario Front", "Morocco Flexes Its Muscles Over Western Sahara: An Analysis of Rabat's Standoff With Tehran", "Pourquoi le Maroc a rompu ses relations avec l'Iran", "The EU, Morocco, and the Western Sahara: a chance for justice", "The Republic of Liberia Opens Consulate General in Dakhla", "New African consulates cause trouble for Western Sahara | DW | 31.03.2020", "MEPs adopt new Fisheries Partnership with Morocco including Western Sahara | News | European Parliament", "MEPs: Seek European Court's Opinion on EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement's Compatibility with International Law", "98 Saharawi groups call on European Parliament to reject fish deal - wsrw.org", "EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement: Polisario Front to file complaint before CJEU", "Morocco adds Western Sahara waters to its maritime borders | AW staff", "Obama reverses Bush-backed Morocco plan in favor of Polisario state", "U.S. proposes U.N. Western Sahara rights monitor; Morocco warns of "missteps, Morocco’s autonomy proposal "can’t be the only basis in these negotiations," says Samuel L. Kaplan, "Trump announces Israel and Morocco will normalize relations", "Israel and Morocco agree to normalise relations in latest Trump-brokered deal", "TIMELINE: Western Sahara, a 50-year-old dispute", http://moroccanamericanpolicy.com/MoroccanCompromiseSolution041107.pdf, "Morocco and Polisario Front to hold second meeting to resolve 32-year dispute", "Western Sahara: UN-led talks end with parties pledging to step up negotiations", "Secretary-General appoints Peter van Walsum of the Netherlands as Personal Envoy for Western Sahara", "First Western Sahara talks at UN in six years, begin in Geneva", "Le Front Polisario déplore l'"inaction" et "le silence" du Conseil de sécurité", "Search for New UN Personal Envoy for Western Sahara is Ongoing", Cuadro de zonas de división del Sáhara Occidental, "Numerous reports from the Official Portal of the Government of Morocco refer to the area as a "buffer zone, "FMO Research Guide, Western Sahara. La guerre est aussi intense sur le front diplomatique, à l’ONU, avec l’Europe, ou dans les instances africaines. As a result of this ambivalence, the movement eventually relocated to Spanish-controlled Western Sahara to start an armed rebellion. Le fait est que, dans le pays, la souveraineté marocaine sur le Sahara occidental est l’objet d’un consensus qui rassemble à peu près toutes les sensibilités. Le Maroc, au nom de vieilles allégeances que les chefs des tribus nomades du désert faisaient à leurs sultans, estime que ce territoire doit lui revenir. [83] The Polisario call the Berm the "wall of shame" while Morocco calls it a "defensive wall", "wall of sand" or "security wall". Des dizaines de milliers de Sahraouis, fuyant les bombardements marocains, se réfugient dans des camps installés autour de Tindouf, dans le sud-ouest algérien. The first roundtable was held on December 5 and 6, while a new roundtable was scheduled for March 21 and 22. Sahara occidental : un conflit post-colonial qui n'a que trop duré. C'est donc Alger qui visiblement ne veut pas débloquer la situation tant que ce conflit saharien n'est pas réglé. [78][79] Most affairs and camp life organization is run by the refugees themselves, with little outside interference. [88] The protests began as celebrations for Algeria's win in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, and eventually escalated into demonstrations for Sahrawi self-determination and clashes with Moroccan security forces. Chaque mois, notre collaborateur François Reynaert, auteur de nombreux ouvrages historiques, dont "La grande histoire du monde" (Fayard, 2016), explique l'actualité africaine en se plongeant dans les siècles passés. After attempting in vain to gain backing from several Arab governments, including both Algeria and Morocco itself, the movement only succeeded in obtaining support from Libya and Mauritania. Morocco's position is that Algeria is part of the conflict and uses the Sahara issue for geopolitical interests that date from the Cold War, claiming that this country in its official communication to the United Nations "presents itself sometimes as 'a concerned party,' other times as an 'important actor,' or as a 'party' in the settlement of the dispute". In 2006 the Moroccan Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS) proposed a plan for the autonomy of Western Sahara and made visits to a number of countries to explain and gather support for their proposal. The efforts invested by Algeria in the Western Sahara conflict, especially at the level of its international relations, are comparable to the ones of an involved party such as Morocco. After the passing of the agreement a petition signed by leading Saharawi activist organizations in the region was penned to the E.U condemning the decision,[56] and the Polisario Front announced it will challenge the vote in the European Court of Justice stating it was in clear violation of international law. [48][49][50][51], In March 2020 Liberia opened a consulate for Morocco in the city of Dakhla,[52] becoming the 10th African country to establish a diplomatic mission to Morocco in Western Sahara effectively recognizing the Moroccan mission in the region. Pour la retrouver, il faut en revenir à l’histoire coloniale. [35][36] More than two thousand Moroccan prisoners of war were previously detained on Algerian soil in Polisario camps,[37] but all POWs have since been released. Violacion del alto el fuego - Violation of the ceasefire -Rupture du cessez-le-feu. After another inconclusive round of talks, the parties finally, on 8–9 January 2008, agreed on "the need to move into a more intensive and substantive phase of negotiations". Le titre de l'article est Comprendre le conflit au Sahara occidental, alors cher monsieur vous n'avez rien compris. The Baker Plan (formally, Peace Plan for Self-Determination of the People of Western Sahara) was a United Nations initiative led by James Baker to grant self-determination to Western Sahara, and was formulated in the year 2000. Quand à la mer la plus poissonneuse du monde, c'est compter sans les navires Chinois qui écument la région et qui risquent de la transformer en désert. [42] In March 2003 Khaled Nezzar, an Algerian retired general, referred to the conflict as being an issue only between Morocco and Algeria. Report of the Secretary-General on the situation concerning Western Sahara. J-C jusqu'aux conflit israélo-palestinien - Duration: 8:01. [45], Morocco has argued that the Polisario Front receives support from Hezbollah, Iran, and al-Qaida. While protests were initially peaceful, they were later marked by clashes between civilians and security forces. Voulant prouver sa bonne volonté, le Maroc a adhéré à nouveau à l’Union africaine en 2017. The Polisario gradually gained control over large swaths of the Western Saharan desert, and its power grew steadily after early 1975 when the Tropas Nomadas began deserting en masse to the Polisario Front, bringing their weapons and training with them. Au milieu des années 1970, alors que Franco n’en finit plus d’agoniser, Madrid se décide enfin à en partir. Les 450 000 Sahraouis se sont éparpillés Elle s’installe aussi au sud, là où le Sahara rejoint l’Atlantique, dans une très longue bande de terre. « Nous ne sommes plus dans la diplomatie régionale, mais mondiale. Cette triste affaire n'existe qu'a cause du conflit larvé entre l'Algérie et le Maroc... – Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ) – Nbr. En février 1976, il proclame la République arabe sahraouie démocratique (RASD), un Etat non reconnu internationalement, qui réclame la souveraineté du territoire. No replacement plan exists, however, and worries persist that the political vacuum will result in renewed fighting. Accueil » Algérie » Conflit du Sahara Occidental : ... Maroc a lancé, le 13 novembre dernier, une opération militaire dans la zone-tampon d’El Guerguerat, au Sud-Ouest du Sahara Occidental, en violent l’accord de cessez-le-feu. [88] The clashes led to the arrest of dozens of protestors one death. Accueil; Monde; Le conflit du Sahara occidental au menu de l’ONU. Profitons de ce moment pour rappeler dans ses très grandes lignes les enjeux de cette trop vieille histoire. En 1982, l’Algérie réussit à faire entrer la RASD à l’Organisation de l'unité africaine (OUA, ancêtre de l’actuelle Union africaine). Monsieur François Reynaert, in June 2019, a video of Moroccan authorities violently dragging and beating prominent Sahrawi journalist Walid Al-Batal circulated across the internet. Raids and rebellions by the indigenous Sahrawi population kept the Spanish forces out of much of the Spanish-claimed territory for a long time. Despite multiple peace initiatives through the 1990s and early 2000s, the conflict reemerged as the "Independence Intifada" in 2005; a series of disturbances, demonstrations and riots, which broke out in May 2005 in the Moroccan-held portions of Western Sahara, and lasted until November of that same year. Côté ouest, les 80% de celui-ci, contrôlés par Rabat. En 1991, dans une ambiance de fin de guerre froide, l’ONU réussit enfin à faire accepter un cessez-le-feu aux belligérants. L'extension du conflit, 1976 - 1988 . On peut imaginer que le départ de Bouteflika puisse changer la donne. [64] In 1997, the Houston Agreement attempted to revive the proposal for a referendum, but likewise has not met with had success. A qui doit revenir ce que l’on appelle encore le "Sahara espagnol" ? IV. Several international human rights organizations have accused the Moroccan government of imposing a media blackout in the region by targeting protestors and journalists. The SADR claims the Moroccan-built road is illegal, as it was built after the 1991 United Nations-brokered truce. Following the annexation of Western Sahara by Morocco and Mauritania in 1976, and the Polisario Front's declaration of independence, the UN addressed the conflict via a resolution reaffirming the right to self-determination of the Sahrawi people. The NGO Human Rights Watch penned a letter to European Members of Parliament seeking a vote against the proposition, arguing that Morocco has no legal basis to make agreements regarding a disputed territory and is thus illegal under international law. La Mauritanie en revendique la petite partie méridionale. «Le conflit du Sahara occidental est une question de décolonisation qui ne peut être résolue qu’à travers l’application du droit international et de la doctrine bien établie des Nations Unies et de l’Union Africaine en la matière, c'est-à-dire l’exercice authentique par le … [83], The Western Sahara conflict has resulted in severe human rights abuses, most notably the aerial bombardments with napalm and white phosphorus of the Sahrawi refugee camps,[84] the exodus of tens of thousands of Sahrawi civilians from the country, and the forced expropriation and expulsion of tens of thousands of Moroccan expatriate civilians by the Algerian government in reaction to the Green March. [54] Although the Polisario Front was not involved in the negotiations, the SFPA explicitly allows for European Vessels to fish in the disputed coast of the Western Sahara territory. Indeed, shortly after the Houston Agreement (1997), Morocco officially declared that it was "no longer necessary" to include an option of independence on the ballot, offering instead autonomy. [18] In 1977, France intervened as the conflict reached its peak intensity. The Moroccan government has not yet commented on these claims.[27][28][29]. La France s’est félicitée, vendredi 11 décembre, de l’officialisation des relations diplomatiques entre le Maroc et Israël, estimant qu’il s’agit de «deux partenaires essentiels» [43] [citation needed] At this point, the maximum extent of the Polisario Front's manpower included perhaps 800 men, but they were backed by a larger network of supporters. La guerre du Sahara occidental est un épisode du Conflit au Sahara occidental entre 1975 et 1991 [3].C'est un conflit militaire opposant le Maroc et la Mauritanie au Front Polisario, sur le territoire du Sahara occidental.La guerre éclate à la suite du retrait de l'Espagne du Sahara espagnol, qu'elle avait convenu de céder au Maroc et à la Mauritanie lors des accords de Madrid. Women in Western Sahara are prominent members of the Polisario Front as soldiers and activists. Morocco claims to have captured "dozens of Algerian officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers" during these confrontations, but has released them to Algerian authorities.[31]. Le conflit est programmé pour durer. The conflict has witnessed numerous violations of human rights and serious breaches of the Geneva convention on the part of all involved parties; the Polisario Front, the Moroccan government and the Algerian government among them.[85]. Sous un parasol avec une règle et un crayon ils ont (français) annexé des territoires marocain. Some 40,000–80,000[citation needed] Sahrawi refugees were displaced as a result of the conflict; at present, most still reside in various Sahrawi refugee camps throughout the Tindouf province of Algeria. [68] Also present at the negotiations were the neighboring countries of Algeria and Mauritania, a nod to the role they play in the ongoing conflict. The statement reiterated the Polisario Front's request that the UN organize a free referendum within Western Sahara on their self-governing status. Morocco continues to propose autonomy for the territory as the solution to the conflict, while the Polisario Front insists on nothing other than complete independence. Consequently, both sides blame each other for the stalling of the referendum, and little progress is likely to be made in the near future. P. 12", "United – France Libertés – The Conditions of Detentions of the Moroccan POWs Detained in Tindouf (Algeria). [83], As early as 1979, the idea of a defensive wall has been an obvious one for the Moroccan authorities. En 1979, le Polisario gagne une manche en réussissant, après une guerre d’embuscade et un changement de régime à Nouakchott, à sortir la Mauritanie du jeu. The referendum, originally scheduled for 1992, was intended to give the local population of Western Sahara the option between independence or affirming integration with Morocco, but it quickly stalled. The first round of talks took place on 18–19 June 2007,[69] during which both parties agreed to resume talks on 10–11 August. The conflict originated from an insurgency by the Polisario Front against Spanish colonial forces from 1973 to 1975 and the subsequent Western Sahara War against Morocco between 1975 and 1991. Western Sahara, a region on the Atlantic coast in north-west Africa, is situated in the extreme south of Morocco and covers an area of 266,000km 2, most of it desert. Il est également demandeur d'une reprise pour séparer la relation algéro-marocaine de l'affaire du Sahara occidental. Le conflit enlisé depuis plus de cinquante ans au Sahara occidental a resurgi au premier plan. [citation needed] The 1975 United Nations visiting mission to Spanish Sahara, headed by Simeon Aké, concluded that Sahrawi support for independence (as opposed to Spanish rule or integration with a neighboring country) amounted to an "overwhelming consensus" and that the Polisario Front was by far the most powerful political force in the country.[23]. To date, large parts of Western Sahara are controlled by the Moroccan Government and known as the Southern Provinces, whereas some 20% of the Western Sahara territory remains controlled by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), the Polisario state with limited international recognition. Citing the Spanish approach to regional autonomy, the Moroccan government plans to model any future agreement after the cases of the Canary Islands, Basque Country, Andalusia or Catalonia. In July 2019 the Polisario Front arrested three Saharawi activists within the refugee camps for criticizing the Polisario Front's governance in Facebook Posts. Se trata de un territorio estratégico y rico en recursos naturales que, durante casi un siglo, fue parte de España y que, actualmente, se encuentra bajo dominio mayoritario de Marruecos, país vecino. Le Polisario n’en veut pas. « Le processus politique a montré ses limites » « Quand il y a une impasse diplomatique, et c’est le cas pour le conflit au Sahara occidental, il faut que la situation sur le terrain crée une nouvelle dynamique.C’est l’objectif des Sahraouis », analyse un ancien diplomate pour TSA, sous couvert de l’anonymat. A Genève, mercredi 5 et jeudi 6 décembre, se retrouvent pour en parler les représentants des quatre grands protagonistes de cette affaire, le Maroc, la Mauritanie, le Front Polisario et l’Algérie. Cela fait donc plus d’un quart de siècle que chaque partie accuse l’autre de bloquer le processus et que rien n’avance. Synthèse. The main novelty is that Algeria has been invited to these round tables. Eleven security officers and at least two civilians were killed, by official count. Though sporadic demonstrations continue, the movement had largely subsided by May 2011. Dans une interview accordée à nos confrères d’El Watan , Abdelaziz Rahabi a estimé que l’escalade actuelle entre le Sahara occidental … A lire aussi. The territory is bordered by Mauritania in the south and Morocco in the north and has a 50km border with Algeria in the north-east. En 1830 la France s'incruste en Algérie (ex empire ottoman ). [38][39] This remains a source of much tension between the two countries. The cease fire ending hostilities was officially signed in 1991. Algeria sees itself as an "important actor" in the conflict,[30] and officially supports the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination. However, unrest lingered among the region's population, and in 1967 the Harakat Tahrir arose to challenge Spanish rule peacefully. Le Conseil se félicite du fait que la situation au Sahara occidental est restée relativement calme, tandis que le cessez-le-feu tient toujours et que les parties respectent le mandat de la MINURSO. Algeria has refused to qualify itself as a "stakeholder" and has defined itself as an "observer". [33] Some third parties have called for both Morocco and Algeria to negotiate directly to find a solution for the conflict. 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