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Everything else was great! ", Pros: "We landed safely in Paris. And even that one didn't play through....apparently, at some point they determine its "bedtime" and turn off the IFE!! ", Cons: "It's ridiculous in 2 hours flight even a glass of the water we don't get ... and in the flight Madrid to Miami all flight they don't give a bottle the water ... please need keep the people hidratate in the flight", Cons: "It was hot in there and the WiFi wasn’t working Besides that it was good", Pros: "The crew was awesome and very helpful. Alliance française Paris Île-de-France is Paris's official hub for French language and culture. Cons: "No air conditioning.no help with making connecting flight/customs. ", Pros: "Good food. ", Pros: "Nice and polite flight attendants" Stay informed and receive email updates for when travel restrictions ease for Paris. Departing from * Arriving at * Travel dates * Travelling for work. Too much to complain about . Les meilleurs tarifs de billets d'avion pour Miami sur les 6 prochains mois en un clin d'oeil. 1 of a 2 volume textbook on classical liberal political economy written by one of the leaders of the French laissez-faire school. Food was not great. They may either provide a negative test result taken less than 72 hours before departure. Contrast on United Kingdom - EN . As we have booked the flight with AA Budapest-London-Miami-Sao-Paolo, and Santiago-Miami-London- Budapest, we faced this problem several times. they did not seem too happy. Confi-Journal N°3 POSTÉ LE 15 April 2020. Seemed pointless and a hassle for 1-2 kgs. The ideal was throw gravy on it and it will taste alright. Good job Delta! ", Pros: "Seats are very comfortable compared to Emirates and other US Airlines." March, Select a different date for your departure trip: Also, we paid for our seats to select them prior to 24 hours and we ended up not sitting together. ", Pros: "Staff was pleasant, nothing special" Frankfurt am Main Brest. Montpellier. GMO’s. I have never experienced worse customer care then this. ", Pros: "Comfortable chairs with foot support., friendly staff, good food and choice of entertainment. Check-in. She helped bring order to a completely disorganized check in process and ended up personally escorting us through security toe sure that we made our flight on time. ", Cons: "Departed one hour late from Miami", Cons: "The flight was delayed by 4 hours because maintenance needed to change a tire on the airplane. And to sit on the plane for a long fight in this uncomfortable position is not good. Cons: "Minimal food available between departure and arrival meals; 10 hrs or so is a long time to get by on potato chips. Asked stewardness. Video monitor was poorly designed and limited options on movies and languages. Cons: "The TV screen was in a stick and it had been used so much that if I didn't pull it forward all the way it would not stay up. Cons: "The seats were not comfortable", Cons: "Personal very rude no manners to answer Questions or direct people. Bedingungen * (1) Geltung der Bedingungen . There are currently 2,255,772 active cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in FR and 60,537 deaths as of Dec 22 2020 Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide. Marseille. INFORMATION : Paris-CDG : all flights are operated from terminal 2A, 2E & 2F. Une journée à Deauville. ", Pros: "I had extra leg room." The food service was adequate. You used to be better. I only got two small glasses of wine. Cons: "Nothing. ¡Book now! ", Pros: "Food and movies were good." ", Pros: "The crew was nice and the food was alright. I didn't expect this behavior from grown up people, and such a company in Europe. Staff explained it was an old plan Seats were okay for short fight but not comfortable for long flight", Cons: "Schedule wrong, missed next flight", Pros: "Probably won’t buy from Kayak again." He went above and beyond to retrieve our coat. Everything worked perfectly afterwards", Pros: "Everything" Sat on Tarmac for 2 hours. They did not smile and one crew basically yelled at me becasue he did not hear my reply when he asked what I want for dinner so instead of asking politely again he started to yell at me "Chicken or pasta? Log in. Hygiene is the key", Pros: "The crew were wonderful, efficient, and professional." I like the water bottle for each passenger at the beginning of the trip." When we deplaned they gave us Express Connection envelopes and told us to run to our gate - 21 minutes away, a passport and a security checkpoint along the way... this is after a red eye... facing an 11 hour delay before my next flight and a voucher to McDonald's - really???? Lors du décollage du vol AF 99 à Miami en direction de Paris le 19 août 2016. Straßburg. The crew were aware of what was happening and tried to reprimand him. Cons: "My economy window seat was just too cramped for a big guy on a nine hour flight", Pros: "Aisle/window seating!" The seats in coach were uncomfortable and the entertainment was subar as there were only 8 or so movies no being recent release" food better than most. Download Hopper to watch. She was sensitive to our party of 5 and was extremely pleasant. I didn’t realize I had to pay $105 USD for my ONE 25 kg bag since it wasn’t on their website nor was I told at check-in. Yes they did because the forced me to check my carry on bag and i didnt want they are racists", Pros: "Having the whole center three seats to myself. To get into the seat I put on leg in and then sat on the armrest and then brought my other leg up and then lowered my but into the seat. Genießen Sie den Panoramablick auf alle berühmten Sehenswürdigkeiten – vom Eiffelturm bis hin zum Arc de Triomphe. In all fairness this was an AA flight not British Airways. By clicking on Agree, you consent to the use of these cookies. Cons: "The flight was nearly full, and the 767 is a large aircraft. ", Pros: "The customer service people were very helpful after we missed our flight but it would have been better if they were proactive in helping passengers who had limited time to get to their transfer gates." I was also pleased with the choices for entertainment." That would have made a huge difference in this case. Bilete avion Paris - MIAMI FL cu aterizare in MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . I think it would be preferable if Virgin Atlantic would board the plane by zones, similar to other airlines. The flight crew were among the most accommodating I’ve experienced." Also, the plane is old and REALLY worn. The food and beverages were really good as well." Cons: "Plane departed early effectively leaving my luggage and vacation. In Paris-Orly, if you are picking up a relative, go to the Drop-off ("Arrivées Minute") area at Orly 3, Park P3 on level -2. The man who helped me at MIA was rude and threw my passport in my face when he told me I needed a return ticket. Rail service to Paris from Orly Airport is either by RER B train, Tramway T7 or by taking a shuttle to the RER C train. Saw two movies I missed in the theaters..." Cons: "Slight problem at first with entertainement at my seat that did not work ,but a crew member restarted it and it worked fine after that. They turned off all the lights, including my personal reading lamp, so I could not read and had to just sit there doing nothing. Mask wearing is obligatory for all travelers above the age of 11.Entry requirementsTravelers will need to complete a ‘sworn statement’ (déclaration sur l’honneur) form self-certifying they are not suffering from symptoms associated with COVID-19 and have not been in contact with confirmed cases in the preceding fortnight. Three were found two days later. For such a long flight, our flight attendant didn't even check on us after serving the meal and appeared bothered to even be there. Cons: "Lavatory was icky and other passengers messy. ", Pros: "got there alive" Completely unprofessional and chaotic. ", Pros: "They were were very kind and helpful to all passengers", Pros: "I liked the food and refreshments and the on flight entertainment was good.." - entertainment needs better selection", Pros: "Good choice of entertainment." the French courses from the Student Programme for the entire period of your stay in France. You will be landing at one of these airports: Paris Beauvais-Tille, Paris Charles de Gaulle or Paris Orly. Cons: "Sound didn't work on some of the entertainment choices", Pros: "The crew where very attentive and helpful." Flight Miami – Paris. On my outbound flight, the seat did not fully lay flat. ", Pros: "Pillows, blankets and earphones waiting on the seat and it was a lovely crew. ", Cons: "Absolutely cold flight, AC was like 15 deg. ", Pros: "Good legroom." They were friendly and genuine. ", Pros: "Movie choices on flight, crew was also very friendly." Cons: "Everything incl customer service at the airport", Cons: "Staff was not concerned about anything, vague and uncaring..this was my son flying across the Atlantic idiots!! Crowded. Search hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights to Paris. Cons: "Flight was 2 hours delay leaving plaen was old and the seats were in rough shape", Cons: "Unfortunately, the passenger beside me a young man was over served by the flight attendant and became extremely inebriated so that when I tried to ignore him and sleep, he kept touching me, rubbing my arm and leg. ", Pros: "Wifi worked very well" ", Pros: "There were free snacks. What I don't understand is why we were not able to get boarding passes and seat assignments when we did our check-in in Sydney? Not much, but since free snacks are almost non-existent on flights in the US,, something is better than nothing. After 5 hrs delay, the flight was cancelled. I had to go out of my way to buy everything again. Paris. At the time of booking, I checked and the price given was $35. The cabin crew was very attentive. ", Pros: "Not the newest 777, but everything went well on this flight - food, comfort and service were all first rate in Delta's business class section." This plane needs an overhaul!! Needs more luxury like others in business class", Pros: "Average" Also the WiFi on the transatlantic flight was out. So due to the difficult online check-in and seat selection and to the cramped seats we will never fly Virgin Atlantic again. 747-400 planes also very comfortable, compared to the Airbus 320," there was no indication that the flight would be operated by any other than British air until I got to the check counter at British airways, and they sent me to the excruciatingly long check in line for American. ", Cons: "Had difficulty with entertainment device . ", Pros: "Ability to see a bit of Lisbon on the way" Cons: "Nothing not to like, just have had better for same economy ticket. ), and very uninspiring especially for tourists who were landing in wonderful Paris(!!!!!!!) Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Helpful flight attendants" Talk about a red eye" I was pleasantly surprised. The electrical outlet was old and worn out and ended up not charging my devices because it was too loose. ", Pros: "Very good staff and decent food" ", Cons: "I booked a british airways flight and found myself boarding a partner company plane of American Airline with not personal screens, with a very chaotic boarding and had a 40 minute delay. Cons: "No legroom, plane too warm, movies were unedited, but most of all we missed our connection and there wasn't even an apology, or any compensation. Paris Bordeaux. Cons: "Long wait at immigration in Paris (not Delta's fault)", Pros: "Finally got upgraded!" Echanger en mini-groupes. The other lady also came across rude to me when she said "You have to speak up becasue I cant hear you! The excellent typical but gourmet Portuguese food, especially the 2 appetizers plus main course. Check-in, seat selection were all handled by American. ", Pros: "The crew was great!" This passenger combination is unauthorised. Cons: "I didn't like that on a 3:30 hour delay the passengers did not get information about the delay. Beyond the brand and gate confusion that resulted from this, the flight was delayed a couple hours and the plane looked like it hadn't been refurbished since the 70s. For me, it’s a matter of legroom. You could then fly to Paris with an airline and back to Miami with another airline. Nothing" With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Paris from Miami. In all the behaviour of this passenger made my flight a complete nightmare and it was totally unnecessary for him to be served this much alcohol. ", Pros: "Food was excellent, and the cabin crew extremely nice and attentive. Sat on the Tarmac a while before takeoff and after landing. ", Cons: "Dinner (entree, salad, shrimp appetizer, roll, and flan) and breakfast (fruit,croissant, roll,meat, cheese) were delicious -- but left us stuffed.Outstanding service. Cons: "I don't like that they have you pay extra for picking seats that have no extras. ", Pros: "Excellent service , good food . ", Pros: "Major issue: No information in advance of problems associated with transfer at Heathrow that required going from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3-- requireing a lot of walking, stress, time and security checks. Search flights . Hurricane Dorian made us late for our connecting flight but we were impressed with the efficiency of a waiting rebooked boarding pass upon arrival." ", Pros: "The crew was nice." Or did. Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. ", Pros: "The food was good. Conversation. Won’t use kayak again. ", Cons: "I had to be rebooked on a later flight due to weather in London; this was obviously not the airline's fault. These reasons, most likely true, suggest American Airlines (British Airways sub-contracted this flight to its partner, American Airlines) was not prepared to handle such an emergency. Information concerning children traveling: Passengers traveling with an infant under 2 years of age and minors under 15 years of age traveling alone on an international flight cannot book an Award ticket online. ", Cons: "Theo charge me a lot for my luggages I just try to call many times to tap for ask about the sports luggages and I never can reach then nobody ever answer the fone . Denise, who courteously accommodated our family and rescheduled our flight as needed, another young lady who checked us in. December, Select a different date for your departure trip: Nasty tasting. Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. There's no effort at all. ", Pros: "Crew was friendly and helpful. Virgin goes the extra mile on service and little perks. ", Pros: "Crew was very friendly. Cons: "Paying extra for business class so you can sleep just isn't worth it with TAP. After I booked another ticket for return.. That really blew big chunks. Payez votre billet d'avion en 3 à 20 fois - Miami, Floride : du soleil toute l’année. ", Pros: "Attentive staff and decent food." Cons: "Hanging flown on several wide bodied aircraft, it’s been my experience that the A330 has a much better coach experience than the 777 aircraft models. Cons: "The landing announcement by the female Flight Attendant was inaudible (too close to the microphone? Crew were nicer than the one from SFO TO LONDON" The seats were too crowded. Only on the films, though; the TV episodes were fine. ", Pros: "The flight was so delayed I missed my connecting flight to jfk." Cons: "My entertainment unit did not work. The food was not so great. Search flexible flights from Miami to Paris. Cons: "Delay at the airport due to system down where agents had to check in everyone manually", Pros: "Smooth flight" No TVs. Infants must travel with a passenger over 18. For us, we started with one movie, but then due to technical difficulties, the crew had to reboot the entire system. Cons: "From the staff to the food but mostly the staff. In fact, all of the food was great." Half way through the flight, my screen froze. Twice for water and never got it. Bathrooms were not cleaned during flight and quite disgusting. Missed the connecting flight to Bucharest and part of vacation time. It seemed to have been a little chaotic. Everything was managed efficiently." For nine hours we were cramped and could not sleep due to only be able to squeeze into one position. Cons: "Just a little bit more leg room. ", Cons: "It has been a week and British airways still hasn't delivered my suitcase. Lost wallet on plane and customer service was unhelpful. TAP should be excluded from star alliance. 70 € AF1325. Cons: "Would have appreciated a bit more help from the cabin crew", Cons: "I booked with Delta who doesnt give you limits of weight for the carryon...why since the flight was operated from Airfrance they gave me limits of weight of 12 kg??? Rebook & refund. KAYAK is a travel search engine. ", Pros: "Crew" It was written when Molinari was in exile in Belgium following the 1848 Revolution. No extra legroom. Miami, Florida to Paris, France flights. We had executive tickets in business class. Cons: "we were made to exit down a slepery stairs and pack ourselves like sadines on a bus to the terminal..not good! ", Cons: "The hot dish of meat and rice was not that great, the meat was hard and the rice not tasty. No complaints or suggestions at this time. I had to run to another desk for help and was rebooked on an Air France flight but did not receive miles for either BA or AF. Search and compare all major airlines and travel agents for cheap flights Paris to Miami International on www.skyscanner.gg Cons: "BYOjet cancelled my flight", Pros: "I liked the entertainment system, free adult beverages and boarding process" After waking up hours later, I informed the flight attendant and she was able to reset/restart my screen individually. They called my name at the gate and told me I had to pay for it. And take off time. Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Miami to Paris, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Miami to Paris, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Miami to Paris, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Miami to Paris, Waiving of change fees. ", Pros: "The price,. Cons: "The check in process was completely disorganized, due to a cancelled flight from Miami to Heathrow the night before. ", Cons: "The aircraft has air condition problem and they whole flight was extremely HOT!!!! ", Pros: "The staff was rude and not helpful. The lane was comfortable" Also the personal screens are far outdated", Pros: "Not much. Cons: "Comfort. Smooth flight. I fly a lot and this was one of the WORST leg room experiences I had. Günstige Flüge nach Paris (CDG) Ab 34,99 €* Eurowings - hier buchen auf eurowings.com Keine versteckten Nebenkosten Crew was professional." But the system was terrible ... Maybe it was just that particular day. ", Pros: "Virgin atlantic is the best airline with Dreamliner" Trip both ways were outstanding. ", An error has occurred during the month selection. And for breakfast the only option was a ham and cheese sandwich, so I didn’t eat. I wish there was a cover or something you could turn the screen completely off.

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