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[239] The situation is similar in France. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is arming consumers with a list of disinfectants that people can use to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus. [218][219] The government also received certain plenary powers to deal with the pandemic quickly and effectively. [51] The FPS Health mentioned generally that "more and more infections are being contracted locally" but did not provide information on how many. For example, on 1 June 2020, it was reported that there had been 819 deaths per one million head of population, compared to 442 in France, 580 in Spain, 592 in the United Kingdom,[9] and seven in Japan. 5 articles recommandés par la rédaction. [24][25] Fifteen of them were allowed to travel back to Belgium on 28 February and the remainder on 5 March, without having been tested for the coronavirus upon arrival. Aug Le 31 décembre, les repas festifs seront amenés aux sans-abri et aux personnes isolées. [128], While the COVID-19 was already spreading to all regions of Italy in late February, the Belgian government has been criticised for its lack of action. [54], On 11 March, the first death on Belgian territory due to COVID-19 was reported,[55] of a 90-year-old female patient from Brussels who was being treated in Etterbeek. visits are limited to 30 minutes). Because of the use of effective dates and as some delay occurs in reporting, all numbers are subject to retrospective updating. [213], The idea of forming an emergency government emerged. It was strongly disapproved by Minister President of Flanders Jan Jambon who called it detrimental to the spread of the virus. [192], Research to find a vaccine against COVID-19, medication for the lung disease or new test methods are concentrated in Belgium amongst others at the KU Leuven (vaccine and new medication, Prof Johan Neyts),[193][194] at the University of Namur (new test method, Benoït Muylkens)[195] and by private companies in collaboration with universities (new 15-minute test method detecting coronavirus antigens, CORIS BioConcept). [149] On 20 March, a shipment from China of 5 million masks arrived at the airport of Bierset, but these were surgical masks and not the type of respirators required to protect the medical staff. [41] The Flemish Agency for Care and Health advised the school not to close down. The graphs below are based on the data collected by Sciensano[258] (Belgian Institute for Public Health), as per the actual dates. [10] However, Belgium may have been over-reporting the number of cases, with health officials reporting that suspected cases were being reported along with confirmed cases. Engie Electrabel assured that the safety of the nuclear power plant would not be compromised. In Somalia, the numbers in crisis or worse are expected to almost triple compared with pre-COVID-19 estimates, while in Burkina Faso, the effects of COVID-19 are expected to cause a deterioration from stressed to crisis phases of acute malnutrition in … [citation needed]. [221][specify], Belgian companies suffer from the corona crisis, such as producers of fries who reported a drop in demand for potato specialities. [76] On 8 April, a drop in the number of active hospitalisations could be seen, which meant that a peak in them, and thus perhaps in infections, had been reached a couple days earlier. ), Tests and new confirmed cases per day in Belgium Prime Minister Wilmès stressed this was not an interdiction but rather a recommendation. [116] From the first report of infection within Belgium, the government communicated on certain developments with the public. [234][235], The number of confirmed infections is the number of samples tested positive by a reference laboratory. It lasted 1 month. [11] Unlike many other countries, which publish figures based primarily on confirmed hospital deaths, the death figures reported by the Belgian authorities include deaths in the community, especially in care homes, confirmed to have been caused by the coronavirus, as well as a much larger number of such deaths suspected to have been caused by the virus, even if the person was not tested. [84], On 24 September, new coronavirus restrictions were announced by the government. Coronavirus. ", "Le nombre de personnes guéries, l'autre chiffre sous-estimé", "Covid-19 : combien y a-t-il de personnes guéries en France ? Stricter social distancing measures were imposed from noon the following day until 5 April, with non-essential travel prohibited, non-essential shops to close, gatherings banned, with penalties for corporate and individual persons who failed to comply with the restrictions. [12][170], Steven Van Gucht from Sciensano explained this was partly due to a difference in counting, compared to other countries. Many people go on ski vacation during that period and the number of detected virus infections rose sharply upon the return of people from holidays in affected areas. [175][176] Some doctors complained that deaths caused by other pathologies and causes have been lumped into the COVID-19 category. Les Belges incités à fêter Noël au jardin. [96] Schools remained open but are advised to cancel both trips abroad and multi-day excursions in general. [227], With bars, cafes and other businesses closed, Belgian breweries started delivering directly to people self-isolating at home. Approximately 20 patients out of those 399 were being treated in intensive care. [78] The peak was 417 deaths in 24 hours. [59] The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen informed the entire staff that seven of their colleagues had tested positive, six of them in Belgium. [200] Professor Barbé at the Free University of Brussels-VUB uses a first order differential equation with two proxy variables. [231][232], The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy reported that the strong decrease in car and air traffic due to the confinement measures does not necessarily entail as strong a decrease in air pollution. [83], On 17 September, at least 77 youngsters from West Flanders tested positive for COVID-19 after a holiday in the Portuguese resort of Albufeira. [126] On 21 March, Prof. Dr. Erika Vlieghe of the Scientific Committee mentioned that she expected the peak of the pandemic to occur in early April. [106], On 6 March, Federal Minister of Public Health Maggie De Block criticised EU governments for blocking the export of medical masks at a time when global stocks were decreasing, asserting that they were acting against the spirit of the European Union. Mid September, an average of 1,100 new infections per day were counted. Aug On 28 July, in response to a flare-up in Antwerp, measures are being tightened locally. [44], On 4 March, the European Defence Agency (EDA) confirmed that a staff member had tested positive for coronavirus, marking the first confirmed case in the agencies of the European Union. [130] Pharmacists complained they did not receive clear instructions from the authorities. Here's Why It's Not Going to Get Better Anytime Soon", "China zuigt alle mondmaskers aan in België", "Belgische apotheken kunnen vraag naar mondmaskers niet aan", "Maggie De Block heeft oplossing klaar voor tekort aan mondmaskers in ons land: 'Nog langer wachten is geen optie, "Niet zeker of ziekenhuizen bestelde maskers krijgen", "Mogelijk fraude: kans dat mondmaskers tijdig geleverd worden aan ons land, 'is miniem, "Alarm over mondmaskers na 'mogelijke fraude, "Coronavirus : les 5 millions de masques arrivés en Belgique acheminés vers les hôpitaux", "5 millions de masques arrivés de Chine : des masques chirurgicaux, une protection insuffisante pour le Covid-19", "Coronavirus: le Chirec est prêt pour accueillir le pic mais il manque cruellement de masques", "Maggie De Block zwaar onder vuur: "Na deze pandemie zal ik de oprichting van een parlementaire onderzoekscommissie vragen, "The reference laboratory at the Leuven university hospital will have to limit the number of tests for the virus it carries out, after running short of essential reagents", "UZ Leuven moet tests voor coronavirus inperken vanwege tekort aan reagentia", "Lettre ouverte de deux chirurgiens à Sophie Wilmès sur le coronavirus: "La double peine du personnel hospitalier, "Coronavirus: des tests systématiques réclamés à la Première ministre par deux chirurgiens belges", "Vlaamse rusthuizen sluiten deuren voor bezoekers: "Blijf uit de buurt van oudere en verzwakte personen, "Rusthuismedewerkers maken zelf mondmaskers om bewoners beter te beschermen", "Zwakste rusthuisbewoners met corona gaan niet naar ziekenhuis", "Ruim 4.000 coronatesten per dag, ook in woonzorgcentra zal getest worden", "Woonzorgcentra testen op eigen houtje bewoners en personeel: "Niemand weet hoe erg het is, "In dit rusthuis vielen al 26 slachtoffers: "De geur die er hing blijft me bij, "Richtlijnen voor mondmaskers aangepast in woonzorgcentra", "Number of COVID-19 in Belgium exceeds 3,000", "L'évolution de la propagation du virus en Belgique: le lourd bilan humain des maisons de repos", "Coronavirus: Belgium tops the world in number of deaths in relation to population", "België neemt bijna leiding in aantal coronadoden per miljoen inwoners: zijn we dan zo slecht bezig? [23], On 24 February, following the spread of the COVID-19 in northern Italy, a hundred Belgian citizens were put in quarantine in the H10 Costa Adeje Palace in Tenerife that was put on lockdown. Protection de la vie privée - [183] According to professor Yves Van Laethem, Belgium uses the approach recommended by the World Health Organisation and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, which congratulated Belgium for choosing this approach. [45] The EDA cancelled all meetings until 13 March, and other EU institutions also took precautions. [98] It was stressed that the measures taken were not a lockdown because people were not required to stay home. The deaths number by province is non-official and based on very partial data. [15], The case fatality ratio for COVID-19 has been much lower than SARS of 2003,[16][17] but the transmission has been significantly greater, with a significant total death toll. Nine of the new infected individuals had recently returned from Italy. Dec Annonceurs - [228], From 12 March onwards many people started hoarding for the next one and a half-week. A case of a Belgian cat positive for Covid-19 On 18/03/2020, the FASFC, was informed by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liège that viral RNA of the SARS-CoV2 virus (the aetiological agent of Covid-19) had been detected in the stools and vomits of a cat showing clinical signs of digestive and respiratory disease. 21 July, three Chiro Flanders youth camps were canceled in West Flanders and Antwerp because 11 leaders were found to be infected. Numbers about hospitalisations are from 15 Mars, date from which >99% of hospitals were notifying. 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", "Optimisme kwam zoals gevreesd te vroeg: "Modellen voorspellen piek begin april, "Opnieuw 205 doden, maar 'voor eerst daling van aantal gehospitaliseerde patiënten, "Belgium's Prince Joachim apologises for Spanish lockdown party", "Kaap van 100.000 besmettingen overschreden in België, cijfers blijven stijgen", "Corona in België. 3 mei", "Coronavirus: EU ministers urge members to share supplies", "Coronavirus: 100.000 masques FFP2 sont arrivés ce jeudi à Liège et seront immédiatement distribués", "Coronavirus: Alibaba gives Belgium 500,000 mouth masks", "De Backer moet tekort aan mondmaskers tegengaan", "Belgium increases COVID-19 testing capacity to 10,000 test a day", "Coronavirus: Belgium pours €5 million into efforts to fast-track vaccine", "Coronavirus: la Belgique est très bien préparée, selon Maggie De Block", "Minister De Block: "Kans is reëel dat coronavirus naar ons land komt, maar er is een plan, "COVID-19: Press conference – streaming and archives", "Coronavirus - Mijn boodschap aan de Belgische bevolking", "Coronavirus - Message à la population belge", "Last night's "lock-down parties" trigger indignation", "De coronapiek komt, al de rest is onzeker", "Brussel betreurt de helft van de corona-overlijdens tot nu toe, maar die cijfers geven een vertekend beeld", "King Filip calls on Belgians to respect the COVID-19 measures "for ourselves and for the most vulnerable among us, "Lettre ouverte à la ministre de la Santé publique : "Coronavirus, il faut savoir écouter la peur, "Experts oneens over aanpak coronavirus: "Patiënt was niet gevonden als we richtlijnen overheid hadden gevolgd, "Apothekers kregen nog steeds geen specifieke instructies over corona: "Wij zitten nochtans in de vuurlinie, "Vlaamse rusthuizen eisen verbod op bezoek", "Professoren Goossens en Van Ranst: "Draconische maatregelen zijn nodig, zoals alle evenementen schrappen, "Open brief van Vlaamse rectoren en experts: "Het coronavirus is ernstig, aan vrijblijvende richtlijnen hebben we niets, "Coronavirus: Knokke jusqu'au 30 avril en "lockdown, "Coronavirus crisis brings fragmented Brussels together", "Financial Times vol lof over Belgische aanpak coronacrisis", "Steven Van Gucht: rustig, empathisch en heerlijk helder", "There Aren't Enough Medical Masks to Fight Coronavirus.

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